How to Pay Application/Reservation Fee

22-3-30 下午3:44 作者:Admissions Office 【

Hello, every one. Thank you for your interest in JSU. About how to pay:

1. Application fee(200CNY) can be paid ONE working day AFTER application. Status in application portal will be changed ONE working day AFTER payment.

2. You can pay directly in application portal by foreign visa or master card, Chinese bank card is INVALID. (This kind of payment is preferred).

3. We donot recommend transferring USD to pay application fee(200CNY) because it will take 7-15 workdays to arrive at our university, which is too ling and will affect your application process.

3. If you have friends or relatives in China, Application fees can be paid through wechat or Alipay, following is payment instructions.

Pay through website: (2)Username (用户名): Application number from JSU online application portal, for example 20211100001 (11 numbers in total, no blank character)

(3)Password (密码): “abc@1234

When you first log in this website, system will remind you of using email verify code to ensure security. If you fail to receive code through filling in right email address, please check spam mail box. DO NOT fill IN phone number. 

Pay through WeChat Official Account

(1) Scan the QR code.         

(2) Follow the WeChat (click on 关注) of the JSU Official Dept Account.     

(3) Click “SELF-PAY 自助缴费”.

(4) Click “ONLINE PAY 网上缴费”.

(5) The user name is your application numberPassword (密码): abc@1234