Guidance for Online Application Information

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IBasic Info

1. Personal Photo: Please upload a clear photo of applicant. Passport photo or ID photo is qualified.

2. Family Name & Given Name: You need to fill exactly as your passport; If you have family name or given name only, you can skip the other blank; If there is only full name on your passport, you should separate the name into family name and given name by yourself.

3. Chinese name: Optional

4. Birth Date: Fill exactly as your passport

5. Passport No. & Passport Expiry Date: Fill exactly as your passport

6. Other Basic Info: please fill in the information completely, accurately, accordingly.

II. Study Plan

1. Language Proficiency

1.1 Chinese Proficiency: If you choose Fair or Good or Excellent, please fill in your HSK or HSKK score and upload your HSK or HSKK certificate in “Other Documents”.

1.2 English Proficiency: If you are from non-English speaking countries, please fill in your IELTS or TOFLE score and upload your language transcript in “English Language Proficiency Certificate”.

2. Study Plan

Please choose the correct program and the instruction language. If you have admitted by any JSU advisors, please fill in the name and contacts.

3. Recommended by

Please fill in the individual or institution’s information, who introduce JSU to you. If you know it through websites, you can just fill in “website” and “none” in the following.

III. Education & Employment

1. Educational Background: You must fill in your experience as complete as possible. The time period should be matched with the documents or certificates you submit.

Category of Applicants

Academic Eligibility



Senior High School Certificate

Master Degree

Bachelor's Degree

Please fill the degrees in the section “Field of Study & Diploma received”; your Bachelor program should be at least THREE YEARS

Doctoral Degree

Bachelor & Master's

Higher education period must be above FIVE years

2. Employment Background: Fill in complete experiences if you have and upload the latest work certificates in section “Other Documents”.

Your personal experience (including work and education, CV) should be continuous until present. If you had graduated from your last school long ago, please write down what you did after that. Provide a work experience certificate if you worked; or provide related certificates if you accepted any training. If you do not have any supporting document, please provide a “No Criminal Certificate” from your police station mentioning that you do not have any criminal record. Please upload any of the above documents to the “Other Documents”.

3. Upload Documents

All the documents you upload should be clear scan formal copies, not just taking pictures. If the original documents or materials are not Chinese or English version, you need to submit both original documents and Notarized Chinese or English translation.

3.1 The Photocopy of Passport: please upload the scan copy of the photo page of your passport. If you had education or work experiences in China, Residence Permit and Visa page are needed.

3.2 The Officially Certified Certificates of the Highest Diploma:

For Undergraduate Applicants: Please upload the NOTARIZED Senior High School Graduation Certificate or University Entrance Exam Certificate in your country.

For Master Applicants: Please upload your NOTARIZED Bachelor’s Degree or Certificate. If you are still an on-going student, you can provide a provisional certificate, but the formal NOTARIZED degree should be checked on registration.

For Doctor Applicants: The same as Master applicants, please upload both Bachelor and Master’s Degree certificate.

3.3 Copy of Your Final Degree Transcript: Please upload the complete NOTARIZED transcript copy.

3.4 Research Proposal: For postgraduate applicants, please upload your study or research plan, which tells what are you going to do in the future study. Please don't just upload an old paper or publication, which will lead to a direct reject. The research plan is important, because the academic committee or supervisor will judge whether your research interests meets or not, and make the decision.

3.5 Application Form for Presidential Scholarship: (It’s optional. )If you’re applying for JSU presidential scholarship, please upload filled the first page of the application form. It you’re applying for Chinese Government Scholarship, please upload the first page of CSC application form, please make sure the CSC serial number is clear to be seen (which is on the lower left Corner of CSC application form). For Scholarship information, please check the link below:

3.6 Recommendation Letters: They are for postgraduate applicants only. Two recommendation letters must be printed on university official papers, signed and sealed by the professors or associate professors ONLY. The letters must include the title and contacts of the recommenders.

3.7 Family Financial Statement: Please upload the bank certificate/statement of deposit in recent 6 months with official seal, to show that you have enough balance to cover your costs during study. The name on the certificate should be matched with your financial supporter. If you apply for CSC, you don’t need to submit this part.

3.8 English Language Proficiency Certificate: If you are from non-English speaking countries, please upload the certificate. We will arrange an interview or test.

3.9 Curriculum Vitae: Postgraduate applicants should upload personal CV.

3.10 Other Documents: any other required documents, like or more than the list below:

Character/ Bonafide Certificate: If you studied or are studying in any universities in China, you need to upload an official certificate, which should include your instructor’s contact number.

Guarantor’s Letter: You can download the model for reference. There are 2 templates, one for adult applicants and the other for applicant under 18 years old.

IV. Additional Info

Fill in the information as complete as possible.

1. Family StatusPlease input your family members’ information, including parents’ emails.

2. Financial Supporter: If you apply for CSC, you can fill the information of CSC. If you don’t apply for CSC, the name of your financial supporter should be matched with that on your family financial statement. The financial supporter cannot be yourself.

3. Your Guarantor in China Charging Your Case: He/She can be anyone who can take responsible for you, except CSC, professors in Jiangsu University and Chinese Government.

V. Contact Info

1. Home Country Address: Please fill in the true, correct and complete information.

2. Current Postal Address: Please fill in the true, correct and complete information. Please provide your Wechat accout if you have.

3. How to Collect the Admission Notice: If you choose “Deliver to Address Provided in Application”, the address must be detailed to make sure you can receive the admission notice. If you choose “Collect at the Jiangsu University in Person”, please make sure it is yourself who come to Jiangsu University; If it is your friend who comes to collect, you must write an authorized letter and sign on it before collecting.

VI. Important Reminders

The maximum times of returning materials are 3 times. We will reject the application if the fourth attempt is still unsatisfied, which means the application has been declined.

Therefore, please check every detail carefully, and make sure all your information and materials are true, correct and complete before submitting. Any fake, incorrect and incomplete information will be thought as OFFENSIVE and leads to reject or return.

PhD applicants are supposed to upload the bachelor degree certificates and transcript as well.

MBA students cannot apply for doctoral program unless you can strongly prove you’re eligible for academic research.

For undergraduate applicants, if you have one Fail in your senior high school, we suggest that you should not apply for our undergraduate program, because it may cause direct rejection. Please remember that the admission condition will not lower than the requirement in your own countries.

CSC seats are mainly reserved for those who haven’t studied in China before.

(Updated on 30th of May, 2019)